Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday Sharks

Thankfully a full nights sleep last night, I'd forgot to mention on yesterday's blog post that Cordelia woke up at 1.30am with a trapped nerve in her back. She was in a lot of pain bless her and was stuck on the landing on all fours but thankfully Piper heard her and came and woke us up. After some iburofen, ice and the wheat bag we managed to get her back in bed and comfortable but I slept with her to keep an eye on her. She was fine again the next morning, we were all pretty tired yesterday though, she seems to have taken after me with trapped nerves unfortunately. Probably because we both sit in such uncomfortable positions for way too long!

Today Hubby and I headed to the car boot sale whilst the peeps stayed home, minecrafting, drawing, skyping and playing on the xbox.

After lunch Bailey cut the grass, which has become his weekly chore, whilst the others tidied their room, hoovered up and emptied the dishwasher. Chores are something everyone does around here, mostly daily, they only usually take 5 to 10 minutes of each child's time but I think its important for everyone to help there are 6 of us and 4 pets-who are currently malting due to the warmer weather so the house needs to be hoovered twice a day. They all get pocket money on a Saturday in exchange for their jobs.

Cordelia got out her body art crayons and decided to give hubby some tattoos-she loves drawing on him!

A bit of a lull afternoon with a few hormonal arguments, meaning everyone in their own rooms including me! Whilst Hubby helped Bailey in the garden. Hubby cooked fajitas for tea and then we had a family game, something which we are trying to do at least once a week. We used to play board games daily but no one is that interested now.

I quite liked this Dr Who Time Travelling Tardis Game, its electronic so the tardis makes noises and it moves the monster spaces around every few minutes so you have to plan your attack on the monsters quickly using the energy counters. Bailey won and then everyone dispersed back to laptops in their rooms for a bit.

Cordelia has been working on this picture today, its Ticcy Toby (creepypasta)

She finished it this evening, it took around 4 hours she says. Although I'm not a fan of the creepypasta stuff I really love this picture, especially the shading detail:

Ruben had more time skyping S, whilst Piper was working on articles for the Loki the Confused Horse's blog. She's been planning making a dress today so hopefully we'll get around to starting that next week...

Ruben came down at 8 to watch Thursday nights recording of the BBC One program Sharks, again another brilliant episode. The Lemon Sharks were so amazing, and I loved seeing how the Port Jackson Shark hid its corkscrew-shaped eggs and how you could see the shark growing inside. A little bit like Nemo. The footage is really breathtaking. Hubby and Bailey are watching the Alan Partridge film as I type this up......

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  1. I love the bit in that movie when he falls out the window without his trousers!!