Friday, 8 May 2015

One Smart Fish...

Hubby and I were up early to watch the results of the UK General Election, up even before Ruben! That doesn't happen often ;) I've found it wonderful all the political chat in our house the last few weeks, I'm really encouraging the children to make decisions based on their views not mine or hubby's. Hubby and I actually voted for different parties yesterday in the polls! It's good to be able to be open and honest about our different beliefs. There was no animosity that his vote won in the end whilst mine suffered a terrible defeat. It really made zero difference where we live as its a safe Labour seat but that is not the point. So much hate and negativity today on my Facebook feed that I had to just leave it alone. It's been great for talking points and explaining how "seats" in parliament work, and discussing the different parties and their beliefs/manifestos. The good, bad and ugly points of politics. I wonder how much of all the things we have discussed with the children over the past few weeks, even months would have been taught in school? Chances are the schools are far too busy with SAT's and GCSE's to worry about General Elections. Yet it feels to me that it's something that should be much better understood from an earlier age-maybe then we'd have more younger people voting. The turnout for our area was 59% which seems a bit dismal. In the next election our eldest three children will all be able to vote and I'm pretty much 100% sure that they will. I hope they  choose to vote for parties and policies they believe wholeheartedly in and don't vote based on other people's misconceptions, something which I've found very frustrating today. Blame it seems, is something which no one wants to take responsibility for sadly. And I hope the children grow up knowing that you are responsible for your own actions no matter what. If you don't like things the way they are then you have the power to change them. Anyway enough of that, moving on....

An early start and some bonus sunshine meant we dropped Bailey off at college and took the dog with us for a walk around our local country park.

We saw a wild rabbit making friends with a magpie :)

A view of the water sports centre:

Sisterly hugs making my #100happydays photo today:

Ruben and Tallulah:

Even a little play in the playground:

Geese and their goslings:

3.5 miles walked in the sunshine before coming back home for IXL maths and Ruben finishing up Issue 2 of Game Tips Magazine. The girls have been doing art and Piper has made some accessories to send to her friend :)

Ruben has had some time playing minecraft but had a very heavy screen day yesterday so a bit less online today. He had a wonderful time talking to his friend S and playing truth or dare whilst walking round with his phone on Skype yesterday. An hour of full on giggling whilst he filled his mouth with squirty cream, a slice of bread and several biscuits as parts of his dares amongst other things! 

This evening we have sat and watched the new BBC documentary Shark:

Hubby and I caught a bit of it last night and knew Ruben would love it so downloaded it from the iplayer this morning. It's so beautifully shot and I loved the story of the Epaulette Shark, it reminded me of this book Ruben and I used to have out of the library:

Weather has been very grim this afternoon so glad we made the most of the sunshine this morning.

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