Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Days

Since I last wrote a post I've had some wonderful comments and messages, seems I'm not the only one to feel that way about my children growing up! I felt so much better for writing it all down too. I do find writing so therapeutic

We've had a quiet few days, Saturday was pretty rainy so it was mainly a home day. We watched Hercules on Netflix and then ended up watching WallE too. Love WallE, such a lovely film.

Sunday we had a stall booked at a Toy and Train fair in Bakewell. Hubby went along early to set up and then Ruben and I headed down just after lunch, the others didn't fancy it so stayed home. I had my mother in laws car for the weekend, I'm so rubbish at driving small cars and not much of a mini fan but it was nice having a second car for the weekend. Having a second car is something we have thought about several times but its quite expensive and not really necessary at the moment. The toy fair was actually rubbish, hubby barely made anything at all but its all experience and its all a bit trial and error at the moment with the fairs. Ruben and I got to have a nice chat in the car on the way there, a lovely walk by the river with an ice cream just the two of us and then the same again back home so it was still a nice day. The girls had been busy drawing and just hanging out together and Bailey had been working on his college project. We had a family game of Game of Life, the older version with the spinny wheel! It was lovely to spend time as a 6, something which is becoming a rare event...

Bank holiday Monday was quite nice and sunny so we were up early to do 3 car boots! Back home we went for a walk with the dog, just Hubby and I as Ruben was tired from the car boot walks and the girls were busy drawing and sewing. Bailey went out with friends. We managed to fit in some gardening and I'm happy to see the cucumbers, peas and broccoli I planted doing well :) Ruben skyped his cousin and had a long game of Minecraft on the Xbox with her. Piper made a bag and Cordelia did some designs for a new t-shirt we are planning on getting printed, a bit of a joint business venture with us.

Today we have been along to the local home education group, its mainly an outdoor play area with a small indoor area. It was nice to catch up with some friends but it always takes us a while to get into the swing of large group dynamics, especially with the girls and Ruben all being older now. Its a lot harder to get into groups then when you are younger and you can just go up to a group and say "hey can I play?" but they were okay and at least the first visit back is done now. When we next go along hopefully it will be easier. Home made pizza for tea :)

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