Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dr Who timeline, the Web of Fear and new t-shirt designs!

Its been a tired sort of day, Hubby was up early but let me sleep in and I didn't wake until after 9! He even brought me breakfast in bed #luckylady. I'm glad I slept in because my morning was very full on, lots of different dramas to deal with and not the chilled day I was anticipating for today.

But after sorting all of that out I got Ruben started on a Dr Who timeline. He was amazed at his friend S's Dr Who knowledge yesterday so that and no doubt the Dr Who Experience itself has inspired him to learn all of the doctors and also re-watch lots of episodes. We talked lots in the car yesterday about old episodes and how many of them were lost in a fire at the BBC Studios. Hubby googled on his phone whilst I was driving and found this story about some of the missing episodes found in Africa. One of the episodes found happened to be Web of Fear which features the yeti costume we saw yesterday, here is a photo:

We used a news article to do the timeline and Hubby printed out some photos of all the doctors so Ruben got to work cutting, gluing, sticking and writing down the doctors names and dates they were the doctor.

I wrote on a piece of paper the names and dates and then he copied them on to his timeline

All done! He is thinking of doing a dalek one now too

Meanwhile the rest of the day was much calmer, Hubby took Bailey out to play snooker for a couple of hours, he dropped Piper off at the library to meet up with her friend for a few hours. Cordelia had some time playing Skyrim on the Xbox and Ruben played Minecraft on the laptop. The t-shirts that we are selling on our ebay shop arrived today, they have been designed by Cordelia and are part of an art project that she has been doing recently, she is really into Creepy Pasta and there aren't many t-shirts around so we made our own. Here she is modelling it:

She's very pleased and has just sold her first one!

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