Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dr Who Experience Cardiff Bay

Yesterday we had a fantastic day in Cardiff Bay visiting the Dr Who Experience and meeting up with our friends who blogs over at The Gallivanters. We met them for the first time back In April 2013. Ruben has been so excited and counting down the days, he even had it marked on the family calendar! It was quite a long drive and took us just under 4 hours, all driven by Hubby. The sun was shining and Cardiff Bay looked stunning, we headed up to the Dr Who experience to meet up with S and her mum Katie, Ruben was feeling really nervous but he needn't have they were chatting away within seconds, after they had swapped gifts. S bought Ruben Jelly Babies which we found out today were a favourite with the fourth doctor Tom Baker!

Inside and there was time for some Weeping Angel selfies:

It was a little bit Harry Potter in its approach, you stood in the queue and then went in to an interactive part-which I won't say any more about because I don't want to spoil it! The exhibition area was pretty big and there was lots of costumes, props and monsters. This is Ruben with the very first tardis control:

Ruben and S took lots of photos of each whilst us mums talked and hubby wandered around getting lots of photos, he's a big Dr Who fan.

Ruben took about 10 photos of K-9....its his favourite

He loves the Face of Bo character too:

He is wanting me to knit him a similar long scarf, thankfully I can knit rectangular shapes!

Ruben and S loved this Dalek that you could control..

In the gift shop and Ruben bought a sonic screwdriver, doesn't seem that long ago that Bailey had one too!

David Tennant's costume:

The new doctor Peter Capaldi's costume:

Captain Jack's costume:

Hubby HAD to have his photo taken with the Tardis. Bit jealous now as I wished I'd taken one with the Tardis but I was too busy chatting!

Loved this church the last time we were here in February 2013:

We sat in the sunshine with ice creams and chatted before Katie told us about the Dr Who filming location Llandaff, the cathedral Rory and Amy got married was there along with along with  Amy Pond's house and village green shown in several episodes. As it was on the way out of Cardiff we thought we'd check it out, on the way back to the car we took a few photos outside the Millennium Centre:

We met back up with Katie and S. The cathedral was stunning and the whole village had a lovely feel to it.

Was lovely sitting on a bench chatting whilst Ruben and S ran around chatting and playing with their sonic screwdrivers, very relaxing.

We were so lucky with the weather, it took us around 3 and a half hours to get home but it was worth the nearly 8 hours in the car to see Ruben so happy. He was quite sad to say goodbye so we are already trying to arrange another meet up, its definitely not going to be two years again..

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