Monday, 18 May 2015

Dr Who & "Can we get some actual work done please?"

Every now and again we have a week that resembles what most people, usually non-home educators, think home education resembles. Hubby decided to get the children to do some "actual work" (the title is a quote the girls use frequently!). He's been a bit fed up of the grumpyness/moodyness which comes from spending too much time online and alone in their own rooms. I stress here that these are just OUR observations, I know there's a whole load of info about letting children play to their hearts content on line/on screens and I know several friends who do just that but it doesn't work for us. I fully support his decision and so we said we'd do it for 5 days. This was how Day 1 went:

Hubby had planned activities for Ruben going from his Dr Who interests, he got him to finish his timeline of Doctors by filling in each doctors' assistant...

The finished timeline...

He also did a design for a new Dr-the 13th Doctor and his assistant. he also helped me bake some chocolate chip muffins, which went really well until we found out a certain someone had eaten the chocolate chips out of the cupboard.....

The girls meanwhile got on with some other bits of work, including Arts awards, and some Open University Open Learning courses. They both really enjoyed it-not sure who was more surprised them or us!

They all had 45 minutes of IXL and then we had a go at challenge 3 on the James Dyson science cards.

I've seen this challenge on so many home ed blogs but we've never done it before, the geodesic domes, made with cocktail sticks and jelly sweets.

We didn't quite get domes but they enjoyed making different shapes, Piper's had to be all colour co-ordinated:

Cordelia went for a multi-coloured jelly design that was the biggest structure:

Ruben's attempt, he actually ate more than he built with..

Cordelia's doubled as a crown too..

the really, really nice thing about the children doing some structured work this morning was that they all chatted to each other and had a really good laugh. I'm finding more and more that the girls have little time for Ruben, they find him a bit annoying and too giddy-all typical sibling things. They used to be so close and play these huge games for ours on end, I have very fond memories of them playing playmobil, lego and Lord of the Rings. But these days its more of a door slam in his face. I know he finds it hard that his big sisters have grown up and don't want to "play" any more, the younger three are so close in age that its always felt they've grown up together. Especially since they've been home educated and had the opportunity to spend so much time together in comparison to if they had all been at school.

They had so much fun that they decided to make an assault course from the cocktail sticks pots to send Ruben's remote control Dalek around. There was so much noise! But it was good to see them having such a good laugh together.

Ruben got a postcard from his friend S which we put up in his room.

We also had a trip to the library. Last night we were looking at trips to the Isle of Wight and hoping Bailey would come with us for a little family break but he said no..unless it was France! So we had a look and ended up booking Paris!! I'm SO excited. We managed to find some good guide books in the library, similar to the ones we used for Belgium last year.

And I ordered this one from Ebay for the children to read.

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  1. We find that out boys become grumpy & moody if they play online for too long. My eldest openly admits it and has designed a timetable for Mibecraft time. It's amazing how they will play happily together when computers are removed from the equation:)
    We had fun a while ago with the domes as well - marshmallows and dry spaghetti work well too.
    I really enjoyed reading your post x