Monday, 25 May 2015

Catch up post!

The week's trial is over and have to say it was a much bigger success than I thought it would be. They all said how much they enjoyed it and everyone got along so much better than spending time alone in their rooms. It was a bit like what happens when we go on holiday without wif-fi, everyone takes a day or two to adjust and then they all start to enjoy each other's company. They still had plenty of time online but during 9-3pm. Cordelia, who normally is up late (late to bed late to rise) was up and dressed early and actually enjoyed not missing all of the morning in bed!

It was only 5 days but they survived and I think its shown that what works for us is a little more structure. Doing the IXL maths practice everyday had a real bonus of Piper saying it was actually getting easier to do! I think we will keep some aspects of the week.

Ruben enjoyed doing lots of the Doctor Who activities, he even started doing a script for his own episode and a cartoon strip.

I managed to pick up these books from last weekend's car boot, Bailey used to have a lot of these books but I thought Ruben wouldn't be interested so they ended up going to the book bank a while ago! Ruben has started on one already so I will keep looking out at car boots and charity shops. Its funny when you start looking at something how much you see it everywhere. All I noticed at the car boots last weekend were Doctor Who stuff!

The girls are feeling put out that Ruben is getting so much great post a week from his friend S. He was really excited to get a box through the post this week containing this cool necklace:

He has hardly taken it off! You can read the story behind it on S's mums blog The Gallivanters, its a lovely story and such a sweet idea!

Bailey took a break from his grass cutting duties to play with his cat Coco on the trampoline. Its rare he's on the blog or even in a photo at all any more so I thought I'd just remind everyone who he is and what he looks like!

This weekend we had a very stressful game of AtmosFear, I wouldn't recommend it as a fun family game unless you enjoy being shouted at by a man dressed as an Egyptian mummy whilst time is of the essence and everyone is rushing to take their turn before he shouts something else! Maybe it is a game for 3 rather than 6 but it won't be played again here I don't think....

For no real reason other than I like this photograph of my youngest daughter, which she messaged me via fb. She made the mask herself as part of her Ticcy Toby cosplay costume. Today she finished the ratchets which are now fully painted, including blood stained fingerprints (thankfully just red paint rather than real blood..she's actually very squeamish and not good with blood!)

We've been continuing with the Doctor Who episodes on a nightly basis too. Ruben had a great chat to his BFF on Friday whilst we walked the Monsal Trail out in the Peak district, he was telling him all about the Dr Who Experience!

The girls are both working towards their Silver Arts Awards and so hopefully at some point this week they will be putting together the starts of their projects.


  1. I've been noticing Doctor Who stuff everywhere too - in the library at the charity shop..............

    I'm so pleased you have a photo of the slate necklace as I forgot to take one.

    I love how their friendship has resurrected snail mail!

    1. Yes it suddenly seems to be everywhere doesn't it?! Nice to be able to pick some cheaper pieces up though, I might end up buying my own books back at this rate haha!

      Its such a lovely necklace :)

      James and I were saying how lovely the handmade craft projects are and its encouraging Ruben to write too!