Tuesday, 26 May 2015

All play and no work!

Was strange this morning only having three children at home, Bailey had gone to his friend's for a sleepover and I always think how quiet it is when he's not here even though he's usually in bed! I do love that the holidays mean he is at home at bit more. I can't believe he will have finished his first college year in a matter of weeks just in time for his 17th birthday!

We've had a home day today, or at least the girls and Ruben have. We have had my niece over since this morning and a visit from my dad too, normally the girls are great little helpers but they have had one of those lovely days where they have just hung around together, in their rooms, drawing, listening to music, giggling, chatting and just generally having a great time. Their bond is such that I am rather jealous, even though they are so opposite they really "bounce" off each other. Cordelia is working on doing some art to sell at comic cons so she has been super happy and Piper is still excited that she managed to find a foundation that matches her skin after I took her to the No7 counter in Boots on Sunday. Make-up is becoming much more important to her and I've enjoyed helping her pick out colours that suit her and giving her tips. I've told her she has amazing skin and doesn't need foundation but what do mums know! Even the No7 make up lady told her she had beautiful skin and really didn't need any foundation, but when you are 14 those things can seem so important! (Piper I've written this down so in another 20 years when you are my age and say "I wish I had appreciated how beautiful my skin was when I was 14!" I can direct you back to this exact blog post :D)

Ruben has been playing on Minecraft, he did his IXL first thing too. He's had chats with his friend S and he also managed to finish off a little parcel to send off for her today, his sisters have both helped too. He's basically avoided me today as he doesn't really do babies/toddlers. Bailey kindly showed Ruben how to download an emulator so he can play old Nintendo gameboy games on his laptop. We've also continued with our Doctor Who viewing after tea, we have started right back at the beginning with Christopher Eccleston as Hubby found some more dvd's at the car boot. He also bought a copy of the Doctor Who film with the Eighth Doctor so we'll probably watch that this week too. I'd forgotten how scary some of the older episodes seem but Ruben seems completely unfazed! I put the photo up from the Dr Who Experience of him and his friend S in the Tardis on his wall last night, its so sweet!

I meanwhile have had a day of toddler activities, a much simpler day with water play, a trip to the park, reading some of Ruben's Julia Donaldson books, a bounce on the underused trampoline and a day spent chasing our poor cats. Thanks to my sister buying my niece shoes that squeak when she walks the cats managed to get away before she reached them! I've even had a play in the underused/abandoned Minehut, sort of like a trip back in time today ha!

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  1. S has a wall of Doctor Who, Ruben photos and postcards and crafts too. It looks really cool.