Saturday, 4 April 2015

Yorkshire Cosplay Con-The Magnificent 7

We have been looking forward to the Yorkshire Cosplay Con at Magna for quite a while. We'd spent quite a bit of time getting our costumes and props ready, hubby in particular had spent hours helping Cordelia with her Ben Drowned costume, sword & shield. I managed to burn my hand on the curling wand-perils of a cosplayer!

Here we are all ready to go:

Piper in Lolita, me as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, hubby as The Joker from the Dark Knight, Ruben as Shredder from TMNT and Cordelia as Ben Drowned (aka Link from Zelda).

We had bought our tickets in advance so we were a bit miffed to have to wait in the queue! It took over an hour to actually get in, lots of good costumes to see though. Inside was bedlam though, very badly organised especially in comparison to Majikkon last month. It was so busy it was hard to move round well! After about 15 minutes Piper had a panic attack, the crowds were just so busy, the lights too dark and the music too loud. I was kind of expecting it and was impressed that any of them managed in those conditions. I took Piper and Ruben out and we ended up in McDonald's drive through. Hubby stayed with Cordelia as they don't mind the hustle and bustle of the crowd. We picked them back up after an hour. I don't think I'd go again to that one, it was far too busy. Just as I pulled up on the drive I had a migraine attack so I was pretty relieved to be able to just go to bed with some painkillers.

After a few hours sleep I woke up migraine free but feeling terrible. We planned to get the children's Easter eggs out early as everyone is out in the morning, so we did that and settled down to watch My Neighbour Totorro. Film 4 are showing two weeks of Japanese Animae films and so we are slowly going to work our way through them!

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