Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Wharncliffe Woods

More sunshine this morning! We collected our niece as has become our usual Tuesday routine and headed up to Wharncliffe Woods, we used to live close by to these woods and did lots of long walks in them a few years ago. I miss living near them, I love a walk in the woods, its always so quiet, even though it was lovely and warm and the school holidays we only passed a handful of people.
Piper and Ruben had a crazy game involving an empty water bottle as a camera, they pretended to be filming a nature documentary. It was a very loud game so probably best we were in the middle of nowhere with no one around! I love that they can still play imagination games even at 11 and 14.

They all help out with baby Bella, who was in a rather grumpy mood and only wanted to walk in the opposite direction to the one we were walking. They find her tiny stubbornness rather funny, kind of like a mini dictator! She eventually had a nap in the pram and we had a quiet walk.

Ruben had a bit of a sulk when he decided to walk through a huge muddy puddle in his trainers, needless to say he was caked in mud. Maybe I should have dug the wellies out? Thankfully we had taken him shopping for new trainers this morning, his feet having grown to a size 5! He's only two sizes below me now.

Since we had been clothes shopping in the morning for the girls, shoe shopping for Ruben and a hot walk in the woods we were all a bit tired so headed to McDonalds for an ice cream.
Back home for Minecraft, art and a Japanese film. We are enjoying our after tea films this week!

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