Friday, 17 April 2015

Weston Super Mare & Home!

We had plans to go to the Eden Project today, I had even emailed in advance and agreed the educational rate for us but when we got up, we all felt pretty tired. Cordelia was feeling super achy from yesterday's beach ride/gallop and we had a minimum 6 hour drive ahead of us so we decided to leave it for another time. We have so enjoyed our brief time in Cornwall and we definitely want to re-visit at some point. So bearing all that in mind, and the fact we were missing our eldest son we decided to head back up North via Weston Super Mare.
The weather was a bit cooler but not too bad given that its only April.

The sea was so far out you couldn't even see it!

We had a walk around, it was very quiet on the sea front but a really big place compared to what I was expecting.

Looking out to sea:

The old pier which had been burnt down :( we could also see Wales in the background!

We didn't stay too long, we grabbed some lunch and began the drive home. It took longer than expected with Friday afternoon traffic but we arrived home just after 5pm. It was lovely to give Bailey a big hug, all three cats and the dog were happy and well fed and the house was clean and tidy. I'm not surprised because I know he's very responsible but it's lovely to see he can be so mature. I think he has missed us but not too much haha!

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