Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Truro, Fistral Beach & Newquay

Feels very much like its getting warmer everyday! I'm starting to see the appeal of living further South... We got up and decided to head into Truro, the Capital of Cornwall and the most Southerly city on mainland Britain. It only took about 30 minutes in the car but have to admit to being pretty disappointed with Truro. The architecture was impressive and its really playing on the "Poldark" fame at the moment too. I loved the cathedral..
And of course it'd be rude not to taste a pasty right?

There were some pretty strange people to be honest and it was the first time that we were asked all week "no school today?". The older I get the more I dislike cities. So we headed off back into Newquay. We took some food and just sat watching the surfers on Fistral Beach..

Hubby and Ruben collected a lot of shells for me to put in one of my many vintage glass jars. The smell of the Rick Stein Fish beachside  restaurant was sooo nice! But it looked a bit out of our price range...

We headed around to the harbour of Newquay...

And the girls and Ruben requested time in the amusements, when at the seaside....

Look at the haul Piper managed to win all on the 2p slots:

Back to the lodge for afternoon tea and hot tub chats :) We are all feeling a bit tired out.

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