Monday, 6 April 2015

Transformers, Sunshine and Jarvis Cocker

Beautiful sunshine kicking our week off this morning. Everything feels better in the sunshine, even cleaning! For the first time this year I got to hang my washing outside on the line, its sad but things like that make me feel quite happy. I always find hanging washing out to be rather relaxing, even when the children were really small I'd find a kind of delight in hanging all their teeny clothes out on the washing line, its not quite as sweet now when I'm wrestling pj legs inside out-why only ever one leg?!-and finding socks stuck in the bottom of jeans legs but still...
We popped out to the shops to get some food and run some errands when I spotted this on the side of a building in Sheffield-I've never noticed it before. Jarvis Cocker is one of our most famous residents-although he lives in London now.
When your dad buys and sells toys for a living there is always plenty of your childhood toys to play with. Or at least this is what Bailey found this week when one of his childhood favourites, Transformers, came back into the house! Ruben and Bailey decided to help hubby sort through all of them, they must be nearly a 100, they actually had great fun working together.

All part of the family business! There was lots of playing in the garden, bouncing on the trampoline and Ruben even painted a photo frame for Hubby who bought some more art at the con on Saturday.


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