Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tintagel Castle & Cornish Cream Tea

It was so strange when we arrived in Tintagel, the weather went from being glorious and sunny to rather misty. It was a bit of walk down to the castle from the village but oh the views! They were spectacular!
I had booked us a free education visit via the English Heritage website, its free for all home educator's and school visits but Hubby had misplaced my printed out education permit, they were a little grumpy about it but they had one printed out anyway!?
A bit of history on Tintagel castle from English Heritage website:
"The site of Tintagel Castle has been inhabited at least since the late Roman period, and probably earlier. Between the 5th and 7th centuries AD a prosperous community was based there. After a period of obscurity, in the 12th century Tintagel gained international literary fame when it was named by Geoffrey of Monmouth as the place where the legendary King Arthur was conceived. This may have been what inspired Richard, Earl of Cornwall, younger brother of Henry III, to site his castle at Tintagel in the 1230s. The castle had fallen into disrepair by 1330, but its associations with the Arthurian legend have helped to foster the site’s continuing international renown."
I was a bit worried about Ruben as he's taken after me for a fear of heights and had been worrying about walking over the bridge over the cliff but in the end he was fine and ended up being the first over the bridge!

From the top you can see right down into the caverns, one of them is called Arthur's cavern:

The rolling mist over the sea and hills only added to its charm:

Making a wish in the well.....

Love this photo of Ruben in the tunnel:

Cordelia photo bombing the view...cheeky...

Three of the four pesky hobbits...

Back at the lodge and we had afternoon tea of fresh scones, Rhodda's clotted cream and our first strawberries of the year out on the decking.

Followed later by our first BBQ of the year and more soaking in the hot tub. Its April and we are in the UK, unbelievable!!!

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