Thursday, 23 April 2015

So far this week & Ruben finally gets to hold an Armadillo

This week seems to be flying by so I'm doing a several day catch up:


Car still in the garage so after Cordelia's new bag arrived:

We had a walk to the local shopping centre and library, some lovely warm sunshine made the walk home back up a steep hill a good workout! Back home for lunch, gardening and IXL. We finally picked the car back up just before tea, happy to have her home but rather an expensive trip:(


hubby and I took Ruben along to a home ed organised group where the children got to handle lots of different animals. I'd asked if there would be an armadillo as advertised on their website but wasn't sure if they'd bring it along, thankfully they did! Ruben has been obsessed with Armadillos since he watched Roar on CBBC a few years ago. He used to watch it daily and he was so excited when we took him to Longleat in June 2013 as that is where it's filmed. He was really sad not to see the armadillos there. 

There were around 20 families and it was in a local church hall so only took us 5 minutes to drive there which was a novelty!

The first animals we met were a Skunk, Meercat and the armadillo!! Mealworms were scattered on the floor in the middle of the circle ready for them to eat:

The armadillo had the funniest way of moving, it kind of skated on its front two legs, so sweet!

The Meercat hoovered up the mealworms in next to no time before the keeper put him back in his cage, he seemed very feisty!

Ruben got to hold geckos:

A snake!

A millipede!

A bearded dragon:

A very shy Python!

A tarantula:

There was even a very rare Fennec Fox which we got to stroke, it didn't like noise though so we had to be very quiet!

He was a bit nervous about the raccoon and wouldn't hold any food in his hand for it but he did bravely give it a stroke in the end!

His absolute favourite though (and mine too, it was SO cute!) was the armadillo:

It curled up in a ball but Ruben didn't mind!

Such a great experience and I'm so glad we went along.


Today we were up early for the dentists, vets for Tallulah and to sort Bailey a new phone out. Dentist and vets all went well, healthy teeth all round and a healthy dog!

Back home for IXL, Piper made a skirt from an old dress, Fimo, art, planting in the garden and then horse riding for Cordelia. Ruben taught me to play Pokemon cards in the garden, we also played several games of black jack, loving being outdoors everyday:

Even warm enough for ice lollies!!

Piper doing Fimo, she's in between hair colours today (but I'm loving this mint look) and hubby is halfway through putting a lilac wash on her hair now. This girl loves her pastels!

 I put a red semi permanent on Cordelia's hair yesterday, somedays it's like living in a hairdressers here!

Ruben drew an armadillo picture and wrote out a few facts that he found online:

And that's been the last three days! It always seems so much more when you write it down even though it's only snippets of everything. We seem to be in a really good home educating groove this week, I think the break in Cornwall did us all so much good.

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