Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Math & Science

Not the best start to our Monday morning have to be honest, we have the car in the garage for a few days and some other things going off :( but the day quickly (thank goodness) changed its direction and went in an altogether better direction.

We purchased IXL through a home ed deal last week so finally got everyone logged in and signed up, just planning on 30 minutes a day as not done any formal math for a while and it was the girls who requested more math! Sometimes a bit of structure is what everyone needs...

We finally managed to get started on these James Dyson challenge cards, challenge 1 was building a spaghetti bridge that was strong enough to hold 250g of weight. 

Just love Cordelia's face in this photo, she's very confused! It did say patience was required to be fair....

This was Ruben's structure:

It held the bag of 250g of pasta for 10 seconds hurrah!

Cordelia's held much longer but she'd built hers in a different way and it was a bit more sturdy!

Meanwhile Piper and I baked scones from scratch and made a cottage pie for tea whilst they were in the oven. Only hubby and I eat cottage pie so we made potato wedges, honey drizzled chicken drumsticks and veg for the kids tea.

The scones were delish! Reminded us of Cornwall again, and I did notice that they sell Rhodda's clotted cream in Tesco on Saturday hurrah!!

Also today, Ruben began the first piece for issue 2 of Gamingtips, Piper did some pattern designs on the drawing tablet and Cordelia did some hand drawing.

More horses! No pony club tonight as no car.

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