Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

An easy-going lazy Easter Sunday here. I got up early, before 7!, to take Cordelia for her lift to the stables. Hubby and Piper had already left for the car boots. Spring is definitely here!

Ruben played Minecraft on the xbox whilst we discussed the differences between the game on different platforms. He's enjoying it more on the xbox at the moment, since my cousins came over on Friday he has been skyping the youngest one whilst playing on Minecraft. They are exactly the same age with Jess being only 12 days older than Ruben and are both the youngest of foursome have a lot in common. It's lovely to see them getting on so well.

It's strange not to be doing Easter egg hunts and the like but I suppose they are growing up. I did make them individual Easter baskets this year, I don't normally buy eggs as they get quite a few from family so there's not usually a need to be honest. I thought they wouldn't get many this year but they actually ended up with more! 

I still felt rough today, thanks to my migraine hangover so wasn't up to much. Hubby, Ruben and I took the dog for a little walk and the fresh air was nice. 

We watched another Japanese Animae cartoon from the film four Studio Ghilibi season, today it was Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. A really interesting film. Ruben said he preferred yesterday's film.

We had half an hour in the sunshine in the garden, us sitting whilst Ruben had his first bounce of the year on the trampoline. Think he burnt off a bit of his chocolate stash!

We didn't see much of Bailey, since he completed his first PC build on Thursday we haven't seen him! He's done a brilliant job.

Cordelia had a great day at the stables and came home tired, muddy and happy as usual. She also had another two Easter eggs!

This evening Piper, hubby and I are watching the Louis Theroux program on Transgenger children in the US. 

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