Thursday, 16 April 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Cordelia!

Its official, we are outnumbered by teenagers now our youngest daughter Cordelia has turned 13!!! She might be a teenager, and is usually rarely awake before 10am but not today, today she woke us all up at 6am to open her presents! She only had a few bits to open as she had already had an early present of an iPhone from us, and mainly money in cards but she loved all her little geeky gifts. Her chosen breakfast was pastries :)
The day before her birthday we had told her we'd booked something she had always wanted to do-a beach ride on horseback. Its something she couldn't do at home because we live no where near the sea! She was so excited but started to feel a bit nervous when we arrived. We had to be there before 10am due to the tide but it was such a stunning location and she got a lovely horse named Red:

The view from the stables of Perranporth:

We set off to the beach as the stables said we'd be able to see her riding on the beach. It was a bit of a power walk to get to the bottom of the sand dunes where she rode over. But it was totally worth it to see the smile on her face, even without my glasses on I could see it! They got to gallop-really fast up and down the beautiful beach of Perranporth and even trot into the sea, all the things she has been desperate to try for ages. We managed to get lots of photo's of her and even got to have a quick look around the caves on the beach. It was such a brilliant beach for exploring and I really wish we had more time to explore it properly, a day could easily pass on this beach just wandering in and out of the caves. Hubby found this huge rock jutting out which was perfectly balanced on a smaller rock:

Piper and Ruben would have liked time to explore a bit more but we had to rush back off to pick Cordelia up, two hours flew by!

She was so happy when we picked her up and so very shattered. We were so lucky with the sunny weather in April, might have felt a lot different in the pouring rain.
We headed back to the lodge so she could have a shower and we could sing Happy Birthday. She had chose a Batman cake from the supermarket yesterday and I had ordered and brought with me some printed rice cake decorations of her favourite band-Black Veil Brides, so whilst she was changing I put them on her cake along with her candles:

After cake we headed into Newquay as per the birthday girl's request, she wanted to do some crab fishing in the harbour. I was a bit worried as it wasn't the safest wall to crab fish from but she was fine, she is a big girl now!

She didn't actually catch any crabs though....but she did catch two fish!!!!

Piper, Ruben and I sat across from Hubby and Cordelia on a small beach. They got a lot of attention from passers by who wanted to look at the fish! Cordelia even got weed on by a seagull haha, she was very unimpressed but when they both finished catching fish and came over to us we managed to see a seal in the water! It came right up with a huge fish in its mouth, it was too fast to get a photo sadly :( We have been so lucky at the amount of wild seals we have seen this year :)

We headed into Newquay for fresh pasties and some Ben n Jerry's ice cream for later, via the 2p slots again!

Another lucky game for Piper who won yet another keyring and enough tickets to buy her sister some birthday sweets! Back to the lodge for a dip in the hot tub and a "favourite memories of Cordelia" chat. We missed Bailey a lot today. He rang Cordelia to wish her a Happy Birthday and we decided to have a birthday tea for all of us when we are back home.

She's had a wonderful birthday, I can't believe she is 13!
 Happy Birthday my wonderful, beautiful girl. You are becoming such a wonderful young woman and we feel so lucky to have you in our lives, you bring us so much joy and so many smiles. Lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Happy Birthday

    We love the 2p slots by our beach hut in Worthing. During last summer we got pretty good at them