Thursday, 9 April 2015

Friends, cake, failed MOT's and more Ponies!

After dropping the car of for its MOT this morning, hubby, Ruben and I walked to the post office and back home again awaiting news on the car.
Meanwhile Cordelia and Ruben got to work decorating the cupcakes with spring themed yellow icing and silver balls, love these arty shots Cordelia took on my camera:

News back from the garage meant a hefty £350 MOT :( not the best news but cheaper than last years £900....

Friends came over distracting me from the misery of MOT's, we had lunch in the garden and plenty of cups of tea whilst the children played Xbox, bounced on the trampoline, talked Cosplay costumes, comic cons and played with the dog and cats in the sunshine.

Then it was back out to the stables, feels like Cordelia's second home at the moment! She did some excellent jumping last night-the highest I've ever seen her jump. She could barely contain her smile to her face it was so huge, she loves jumping and on her favourite horse too!

Chips on the way home as too busy to have a chance to plan a tea tonight and thanks to the car wasn't really in the mood. Children all in a lovely mood as we chatted over tea, still chocolate eggs for dessert, there's still so many left! Hubby, Ruben and I settled to watch Kiki's delivery Service, an anime for 1989 which was incredibly sweet and beautifully drawn.

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