Friday, 10 April 2015

Family walks in the Peak District

A chilled kind of Friday, I managed to get caught up with my blogging this morning whilst Ruben played a new online card game called Hearthstone, he loves card games so it's perfect for him.

We had lunch (and managed to get Bailey up before lunchtime!) and then headed out to Curbar in the Peak District:

Lovely views but we could see the fog of pollution that is apparently at its worst today, really clearly! It was still pretty warm even on the top of the rocks.

Ruben braved his fear of heights and actually climbed which was great to see!

The girls didn't stop chatting the entire walk :) they look SO grown up!

We are looking forward to our holiday next week and celebrating our baby girls 13th Birthday!!!

We had some lovely chats whilst walking and discussed what we'll do next week. We are all looking forwards to a break. Piper has mentioned the possibility of doing some GCSE's and maybe thinking about studying fashion at college so that is something I need to look into. I've just signed the girls and Ruben up to 12 months of IXL on a really good HE discount and managed to find someone who can do the Arts Awards for Cordelia and possibly Piper, we'll see. All food for thought ahead....

Back home for tea, Bailey went out with his friend. The girls busy with putting up posters, writing articles for our website (must share it on the blog as Piper is writing regular daily articles). Ruben has chosen Howls Moving Castle for tonight's film :)

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