Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wild horses couldn't drag me away....

Another busy day here with a 6.30 start to get Cordelia up for the stables. She was shattered from yesterday's day at Crufts but is a proper trooper and got up and on with it. Her love for horses knows no bounds!

Ruben had his card club so we headed out before lunch and dropped him off. Since Bailey stayed home we just had Piper with us so a very quiet, chilled mosey around the shops and a good chat about Cosplay costumes in the coffee shop. We picked up some bits for Piper's room, new headphones for Ruben and some more wool for the blanket I'm knitting.

Back home in time to do some chores like cleaning the car whilst Ruben tried his new headphones out on the laptop-we go through so many pairs!

I made tea whilst hubby picked Cordelia up, when they got back she was quite upset as she'd took Pipers phone with her to the stables and it had got stood on. To be fair it was only in a carrier bag on the floor!! She was pretty upset and feeling really bad for not taking better care of it. It'll wait till tomorrow to sort, I'm shattered and I've missed her since she's been out all weekend.

We've eaten chocolate pudding with custard and settled in to watch Poldark-thanks to the tip on the fabulous horses from the guy in the museum on Tuesday!

She's drawn me this picture:

And we read a really sad article about a poor Crufts dog:

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