Thursday, 12 March 2015

What do stick insects say?

A bit of a mixed day today, a home day for Ruben and I with Hubby taking Piper fabric shopping and then Cordelia horse riding this evening.

Ruben has discovered a new game on his sisters old phone which has been passed to him today. We've given Cordelia an early birthday present of a new phone since hers was broken and she broke the spare phone too!

Whilst hubby was fabric shopping with Piper, Ruben and I did some baking:

Cordelia did some sketching:

Ruben and I had a bit of fun with the stick insects, giving them speech bubbles as they were right on the side of the tank!

We then had two games of Thoughts and Crosses before he decided to doodle on this empty chocolate egg box:

More doodling in the form of a comic strip:

Piper couldn't find any fabric she liked but it's okay because we are off to a sewing show in just over a week so we'll have plenty more choice.

We had a bit of a talk today with the children about spending too much time on phones and online. Was overdue. So difficult to get a good balance of online versus real life actions. Feel we are stuck in a bit of a home ed rut, a lot to do with time of the year I think and some other factors. Feeling more positive about it all now we've all had a chat and aired some things.

On a super positive note today Ruben has laughed so much that I realised its been a while since he's been so cheery and I'd heard him laugh out loud. He also went to bed without anyone being upstairs for the first time in a week. Seems we have turned a corner there, fingers crossed.

Bailey has spent the day at Eurogamer in London on a college trip and is currently on his way home. He's going to be shattered as he had to be up at 5.30am!

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