Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Total home day for me and the girls today, much needed to catch up on mountains of washing for me!

We had family visitors this morning, which was nice. I got to play dinosaurs with another toddler and cuddle a newborn so I was happy 😊 even Cordelia had a little baby cuddle.

Hubby took Ruben out for a walk, a bit of 1:1 time required.

The girls did some drawing and generally hung out together. Cordelia did two new pictures this afternoon:

Bailey spent nearly all day practising with the drawing tablet, much to Cordelia's dismay-she doesn't like to share it!

Hubby and Ruben had a game of Yu-Gi-oh, Ruben won.

Hubby made pizzas for tea and we sat and watched two episodes of Top Gear

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