Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tuesday Trips- The Hepworth, Wakefield


We picked our niece up this morning and headed out to Wakefield to The Hepworth art gallery. I thought we had visited not that long ago but when I looked through the blog it was actually nearly to the day two years ago! I love that about keeping a blog, I've done that so many times recently when I've wondered when we saw or visited somewhere. Then I end up reading and looking through the blog and I can't believe how much time has passed or how big the 4 pesky hobbits have got! The blog is only two months away from its five year birthday!

Since it was such a lovely morning we headed to the playground first. The kids actually had a great time playing, a huge bonus of having their cousin to play with has meant a renewed love of playgrounds for all of them :D we had the playground to ourselves for a full 40 minutes.

Then we headed in to look around the gallery. Since we last visited there was a new exhibit by Lynda Benglis. Reading a little about her she's had quite a career!
We liked these sculptures out of bronze black patina (which I've never heard of!)

They looked like they were climbing up the wall.

This piece was inspired by India:

I loved these different shapes, especially the flower like one (3rd one along)

"The Graces" which were made out of a kind of sprayable plastic:

The huge windows in the gallery are always cool to look out of.

We also got to see a 3D printer in working action, we've only seen one before and that was in a window in Holland. We even got to hold one of the teapots made by the printer, it was really strong-not what I had imagined at all. Felt  like I could easily make a pot of tea in it! We asked how long it took to make on the printer and the lady told us around 6 and 1/2 hours

Quite a few hours of printing already done then for all these teapots!

A foot sculpture behind the 3D printer, I asked and sadly it wasn't made on the 3D printer!

We popped into Go Outdoors on the way back to look at new riding gear for Cordelia. It's been two years since she got her riding hat and body protector so she's getting ready for a new helmet. The body protector in the next size up looked a bit too big when we tried it on so she won't need a new one yet. It's amazing how many of the children in her classes don't wear body protectors-it's really not worth the risk and ever since I saw one of her classmates thrown off her horse their is definitely no way Cordelia will NOT be wearing a body protector when on a horse. It's part of the deal we made, she can have riding lessons but only with a body protector! My niece found the shop fascinating and had us all in stitches laughing as she tried riding boots on and then tried to walk in them, she also managed to whack Piper on the head with a helmet which was funny except to Piper who'd had a headache all day bless her. She's too cute not to forgive though.

Back home for gardening for hubby and I (we cut down 5 branches off one of our trees and each one was at least 10ft!!!!) Tumblr catch ups for Piper, whilst Cordelia and Ruben had some fun on the Wii with Zelda.

Ruben's been online tonight building a clock tower with his friend S. He's been explaining to me how hard it would be to make it "ding" every so often because of the Redstone. He read all about it in his Minecraft Redstone book, he told me about a man who made a lift using Redstone that pinged on every floor and it apparently took nearly a year! It's made me wonder if he might like to listen to "Tom's Midnight Garden" so I'm going to see if I can find it on any of the bookcases. We are looking forward to some friends visiting tomorrow that we haven't seen in ages whilst they've been travelling!

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