Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Weekend!

I've really been trying to post everyday through March, I've managed most of it!

Yesterday we popped back to the library to get Piper more of the Negima books she's been reading, she read the first 3 books straight away so I got her books 4-15. 

Only Ruben wanted to come out. We picked up the Lego Movie on DVD (the one with The free minifigure!) for family film night. Last weekend we watched Finding Nemo, it was Cordelia's favourite film when she was 3 and I can still remember all the words!! More painting and Cosplay costume stuff going on. I'm seriously impressed with Hubby's new skills for costumes, I'll put some more photos on next week. I managed to lay all the pieces out for my Minecraft mini quilt project, just need to get it seen on the machine now. Piper did some drawing today too and was much more pleased with her efforts, ever the perfectionist, I think her drawings are awesome

Today we were up early (even earlier thanks to the clocks jumping forward an hour to BST) to get Cordelia off to the stables. We took Piper and Ruben to Meadowhall to pick up a few bits and have a mooch around the shops as the weather was so rainy. Back home to help Bailey get all the components ordered for the gaming PC he is building-that should keep him busy during the Easter holidays! Piper and I managed to do a another cardio workout to Davina, before Cordelia was home and hubby made fresh pizzas for tea. This evening Ruben had Skype with his friend whilst the girls and I watched some more Grey's, only 5 episodes of Season 10 left now! We are going to be left with a Seattle hole in our days very shortly.

Cordelia had a great day at the stables, she even helped teach a small class of young riders and witnessed the aftermath of a girl coming off her horse-yikes, I'm glad I wasn't there! She came home happy, tired and stinking off horse pee as per usual!

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  1. It makes such a difference posting everyday doesn't it - When I miss a day it just turns into lists without any detail.

    I am loving watching the evolution of all your costumes - I had no idea so many places to wear them exsisted.