Monday, 16 March 2015

Tarts, Ponies and lego


A day of tiredness here, I think the flu and  a busy weekend wiped us all out a bit. Cordelia was tired from her stables shift so didn't get up till 10.

Piper was in a super mood today and made me laugh all day even though I was cranky with a headache and very clumsy-shattering a glass chopping board and burning my heads several times! We didn't have much baking things in so opted for jam tarts as we had just enough flour in for pastry. They were delicious:

Cordelia did both drawing on paper and digital art today. Love the detail of this picture:

Especially the eyes:

Piper did some more Fimo charms, we ordered some new jewellery supplies online and new hair dye :)

Hubby played Pokemon cards with Ruben:

Cordelia's digital art

More Lego by Ruben, he's building a scene for Link. I love the Lego snakes slithering in the bottom corner.

Pony club for Cordelia this evening, she is working towards some new badges. Piper helped me make meat and potato pie for tea, even though she doesn't eat it! Hubby is making great progress with Ruben's costume for the comic con, can't wait to post pictures.

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