Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Superhero Tuesday


A quiet home day today, I was feeling under the weather again so wasn't up to doing much. Great to have Hubby on hand for days like this :) piper is devouring through her new library books. She's finally trying out some Anime books after much persuasion, she's finished book 2 already today:

She's a bit appalled at the clothing aspect of the female characters-she's a very proud feminist in training-she said she enjoys the story though and even spotted a bit of lolita fashion.

Another few games of Monopoly Deal, yu-hi-oh cards and even Ruben has been reading one of his Tin Tin Library books. He's played happily on Minecraft whilst skyping his friend this afternoon and evening.

Cordelia has been drawing Superhero ponies and painting the new Link shield hubby has carved her out of foam-it is brilliant. He has spent a lot of time on it today, it's a great hobby but he's got lots to make now the kids are joining in the Cosplay fun.

Saw my first bee of 2015! Spring has arrived :)

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