Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spring in the Park

After a morning of playing on the wii and giving a second coat of paper mâché to Ruben's cosplay helmet we headed out to pick our niece up. As it was sunny and dry today we headed to the park.

Lots of signs of Spring around:

Playing with her little cousin:

Beautiful crocuses under the tree:


Cordelia took these shots on my phone since she forgot her camera:

We had a lovely walk, it's amazing how much longer everything takes when you have a little one with you, normally we'd have played in the park and had a walk and it would have taken only a quarter of the time! But it's so nice to be in the sunshine that nobody minded :)

Back home for tea. Piper has been sewing more hair bows, Cordelia has been drawing on the tablet and Ruben skyping his friend S and playing Minecraft.

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