Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Royal Armouries Leeds

As Bailey is off college this week (some kind of study week for the tutors?!) he asked to go the Royal Armouries in Leeds, its a place we have visited on many occasions but he wanted to specifically look at armour and weapons for his games design course. As we were looking after our niece, Bella today we thought it would be a great place for her to have a run around too. Good job we had an indoors day as the weather was really awful today.
There are so many floors of exhibits in the armouries, some of the displays are really big, like these horses in armour: 
There's lots of hands on activities which Ruben happily had a go at. We also found some 15th century iron and bronze handguns that were as wide as Ruben's arm span!

I LOVE this Japanese tea house and Piper happily watched a video on Japanese archers whilst Bella happily played on the drafts tables and looked out of the window at the canal boats.

We were really excited to see the Hobbit film swords were still here! They've been moved to a smaller bit and weren't advertised-such a shame! We made a special trip in 2013 to see The Swords of Middle Earth and were disappointed to find that Sting wasn't there because it had got delayed in quarantine, so we were really excited to see it there today after all!

The elusive Sting:

We managed to be just in time to listen to a really good talk on Jousting given by a member of staff, he was really funny and engaging and we hung around after as Ruben had questions about the jousting armour and Cordelia wanted to ask about the horses they used for jousting. He was really impressed with their questions and spent a good 15 minutes chatting to us and even walked us across to a different hall to show us a horse picture he thought we'd like! He loved Cordelia's horse drawing and they spent a while chatting about horses, he told us that the horses from the new BBC series Poldark were going to be at the jousting event in April and also some famous jousters. So we'll be adding that our sky planner and also hopefully making the trip to see them for real in April.
There are some great pieces of Royal Armour on this floor including Henry V111's:

This piece of armour was a gift from Emperor Maximillian to Henry the V111 in 1514 and was chosen to be the symbol of the Royal Armouries Leeds, its a really bizarre piece of armour:

Cordelia's horse sketch:

Cordelia photo bombs cardboard characters from the Hobbit film!

The eldest pesky hobbit makes a rare appearance on the blog!
He managed to get nearly 300 photos of armour and weapons for his work so all in all a really good day.

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