Thursday, 19 March 2015

Quiet days


A home day, seems that we tend to be home more towards the end of the week than the beginning. I met my friend for a 4.5 mile power walk at 8.30am, I actually really enjoyed it. Achy legs now though.

Meanwhile Hubby made huge progress with Ruben's costume and also did Piper's hair a new shade of blue!

Cordelia and Ruben had great fun playing on the Wii with Zelda. Cordelia has spent the rest of the day doing digital art.

Bailey came home, he'd had a great time but looks shattered. Nice to have him home.

Ruben has been spending more time online again the last few days, including Youtube which we had restricted whilst he was having trouble sleeping. Unfortunately, this seems to have increased the moods, bad temper and snapping at everyone again. Feeling tired and a bit fed up to be honest, not sure what to do for the best. I didn't sleep well last night so maybe a good nights sleep will make everything seem better tomorrow.....

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