Sunday, 15 March 2015

Post 801!!!


Without even realising it yesterday's late night blog post was my 800th post to the blog! You can read it here:

Today we were up early as Cordelia was off to the stables early. Hubby made a great job of doing my roots for me this morning, he's become a brilliant hairdresser thanks to mine and Piper's incessant hair colour changes. I feel we could even hire him out!

Bailey woke at 8am to give me this:

He knows I don't celebrate but he wanted to do it. I thought it was funny :D

We headed into town for Ruben's card club and our usual mooch around the  shops with only one child-Piper-in tow. New jeans required for Piper and I, cosplay costume supplies and a pleasant sit in the coffee shop before Ruben was ready to be picked back up.

Back home for Toad in the Hole tea, Cordelia coming home-smelling like ponies but smiling from ear to ear. Snuggling on the sofa with last nights Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeway-Ruben's favourite before we watch a film 
with the oldest three. Ruben is shattered.

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