Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Portraits of Mom..

A home day today apart from a trip to the supermarket. We were supposed to go to a science fair at the NEC but no one really wanted to go so we decided to leave it.

As Bailey is home on a Wednesday morning he played with Ruben on the Wii. Its nice to see them enjoying games that Bailey used to play together like Pokemon Colosseum, we've ordered an extra gamecube controller today so they will be able to have two player on several of the older games.

Piper has been busy sewing again, she has come up with some great ideas for her next Lolita costume we just need to try and find the right material! We have another cosplay event coming up which we booked tickets for today so lots of planning going off for that. Hubby and Ruben had several games of Pokemon cards, which is proving great for maths skills!

Cordelia and I sat and watched two weeks worth of the BBC's Big Painting Challenge we've been really enjoying it, she sat and tried to do a portrait of me but it was trickier than she thought-maybe because I'm rubbish at being still and was knitting at the time too. 

We saw some great connections to Winston Churchill which reminded us of our trip to his home Chartwell in Kent we didn't make it into his art studio as it was closed at the time we visited. The next episode showed Blenheim Palace-the place where Churchill was born-it has been on our visit list for quite a while now but its incredibly expensive.

Food shopping and picking Bailey back up from college this afternoon, followed by tea, cleaning out stick insects, a visit from my dad, setting up new phones, more paper mache for Ruben and Hubby. Hubby is making great progress on Ruben's costume, it is going to look fantastic when he is done. Ruben has been skyping with his friend S, he is looking forward to a real life meet up soon :)

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