Monday, 9 March 2015

Paper Mâché Monday

A tired kind of day today after a busy weekend and Ruben woke up several times in the night due to nightmares. Hubby and I are not used to broken nights sleep anymore.

Piper has spent most of today sewing and sorting some things out to sell that she no longer wants/needs to go on ebay.

Cordelia has been mainly artwork and also a guest post of the blog about her Crufts trip which you can read here:
She's also had more fun at the stables with Pony Club.

Ruben has been starting on a new cosplay costume with Hubby:

Who doesn't love a bit of paper mache?
He and hubby have also played lots of Pokemon card games:

I popped to see my friend for the afternoon, was great to have a catch up :)

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