Thursday, 26 March 2015

Painting, Crafting, Cosplay Props and horse riding

This cosplay business has taken over the house! There is barely any space in the kitchen as the sides of full of things to paint, pieces of foam, things drying, in between coats of glue/paint! My normally super tidy house has become a prop storage room! I don't mind though, I quite like making a cuppa whilst checking out the new Link shield that Cordelia is painting. My hubby is very creative and its been really wonderful to see him creating all kinds of props for the kids to use in their costumes. I've always encouraged the children to be creative but all of a sudden its happening without me having to even do anything at all!

Here is Cordelia painting her shield this morning:

Its made from a large piece of foam board, hubby cut it to shape and even cut into the foam to give it a decorative edge, then it was painted with white primer twice and then hubby used a pva glue/water mix to make it a bit sturdier.

This afternoon he has been working on a new sword for her, she wants her won rather than using Ruben's. He is also working on a necklace as part of my cosplay costume for a charity ball we are going to in a few weeks.

Cordelia has also drawn this picture of Link today, she changes how he looks on an almost daily basis!

For no reason other than I love it when the cat sleeps like this, here is our youngest cat Coco, affectionately called Bibby because of what looks like a white bib around his neck:

Piper has spent the day drawing, listening to music and also reading more Japanese anime.

Hubby has fixed my sewing machine-hurrah! and also helped me get to grips with a rotary cutter, I'm going to have a go at making a small Minecraft quilt for Ruben. I've seen a few online and they look cool, as its all squares it should be an easy first quilting project but we will see.

Our last stick insect died last night, I was a bit sad but the kids don't seem to bothered. Think we will just stick to the four remaining pets we have now- 3 cats and our little (but super barky!) Jack Russell. It's an equal ratio of pets:children!

I stayed home to make sausage casserole for tea and hubby took Cordelia to her horse riding lesson.

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  1. We had sausage casserole for tea ( well some of us :-))