Monday, 23 March 2015

Millionaire's Shortbread & Minecraft craft


We all had achy legs this morning from all the walking around at the NEC yesterday, the girls were up late but as Bailey was at college this morning the rest of us were up early. I had a few things to do so Ruben sat next to me and we had a look at his Minecraft skin, I suggested he make a mask like the ones he made at his birthday party, so he got some different coloured paper and Hubby helped him cut out a piece of cardboard and all the squares. 

The finished face:

The afternoon we popped into our local library, we had to sign up for new cards as its been years since we have used our nearest library and its in a different area to the one we normally use. The last few times we have been to the library there is only usually Cordelia who gets any books out, maybe Ruben at a push but he rarely reads them when he gets back. I don't know if its a case of a fresh place but everybody got books out even Hubby and I! Think we might try and go more frequently.

Back home and after a chat with Ruben, things are still very up and down, we decided to make Millionaire's shortbread. Normally its Cordelia who makes it but she was busy doing her art. We even managed to make several chocolate cornflakes at the same time as making soup and a vegetarian chilli-multi-tasking at its best!

Ruben, Hubby and I had several games of Monopoly Deal-we haven't played it in ages, His mood was much better by the end of the day even though his tooth was really painful. It came out whilst he was eating tea so that was much better.

Cordelia has been working on her Creepy Pasta art with the bamboo tablet, its really coming on and she is getting lots of compliments in her art groups. We had to have a chat about proportions as I noticed she was making the neck too long so she managed to cut it out and make it in more proportion.

I think its amazing what she has managed to teach herself, she is even thinking of making a small business out of it.

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