Friday, 13 March 2015

Mexican Friday's

Another home day-3 in a row for me!-Cordelia had a go at some watercolours with a painting of Ben drowned (?) that is apparently what he's called. 

This is the finished outcome:

Meanwhile Ruben did some pokemon Hama beads, he really wants to have a go at micro Hama beads as we saw some brill art last week at Majikkon all done with micro Hama beads so I must get some ordered.

Piper dug out the How to Draw Manga book and had a go with that, she is really coming on.

After lunch Ruben and I played several games of Uno whilst he patiently waited for the postman to deliver his second GameCube controller so he can now play on some older game cube games with Bailey on the Wii-I do love that about Nintendo, the fact you can play on different platforms. 

Meanwhile Piper helped hubby out with Ruben's cosplay costume by sewing his cape, that she'd hemmed first, on to a black top. Looks great.

Ruben loves it!

Afternoon spent reading, more drawing, Bailey played on the Wii with Ruben when he got home from college. Hubby made a Mexican feast for our tea this evening :D and the girls and I finished watching Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy :'( which was sad. 

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