Sunday, 22 March 2015

MCM Comic Con Birmingham/NEC Sewing Show

Its the third time I have been to the NEC Sewing for pleasure show, second time for Piper. Its always a good place to get lots of ideas, inspiration and cute material. Its the first time I haven't bought anything but Piper got some really cute material for a skirt she is planning on making so it was worth it and I got lots of ideas for new projects :)

As we were going to the NEC I figured it made sense for Hubby, the boys and Cordelia to go to the big MCM Comic Con that's there too. So a really full car with all 6 of us and my MIL.

It was really busy inside and we couldn't find anywhere to eat so we ended up eating our lunch whilst watching a live fashion show. Its always fun to watch as its the designs of students that are being shown. Two of the designers were only 16 years old. I didn't get many photos of the catwalk but we loved this dress:

I liked this Alice in Wonderland Inspired dress and those shoes!! Oh my, I really wish I was better at sewing.

Piper went to have a look at the costumes they had on display, the last time we went a couple of years ago it was the costumes from Downton Abbey and this year it was ITV's  Mr Selfridge. We haven't watched it but Piper went and took some photos:

Meanwhile.... at the other side of the NEC they were having a very cool time meeting cosplayers. How much does this guy look like Bard out of the Hobbit?

It was great that Ruben got to debut the Shredder cosplay costume that Hubby had finished only days earlier, Cordelia decided to borrow Ruben's Link costume and make it her own by using make up-it was apparently very popular!

She was excited to find someone dressed as Noel Fielding's Fantasy Man!

Ruben even got to play a game of Yu-Gi-Oh and won the Yu-Gi-Oh Master!! He won some cards and a limited edition carrier bag.

They had a great time and bought lots of geeky things including new cuddly toys (when will they get too big for cuddly toys?????).

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