Saturday, 7 March 2015

Majikkon Huddersfield Animae Manga & Comic Con

We had a brilliant day out yesterday at Majikkon in Huddersfield, it's really inspiring to be around so many creative people who have spent hours on their costumes and props. It was Piper's first event as Lolita so she was really excited and Ruben got to wear his Zelda costume from Halloween so he was pretty excited too.
There was a really big queue to get in but it was great for seeing the costumes people were wearing.
Ruben loves the Sonic Adventure Battle Game and since Bailey used to play it I recognised a girl dressed as Amy Rose straight away. She kindly agreed to a photo with Piper :) 
Down in the big hall Hubby managed to get one of Ruben with her too!

We watched a live performance by Kelsey Ellison which was really good, she is such a sweet girl :)

Had quite a few of the people at the event taking photos of the kids and even some of us even though we weren't dressed up! Pier got a lot of compliments on her outfit

We did spend quite a bit of time walking around the stalls and bought some original artwork, including a really cool Link map that had been hand drawn, a watercolour Pokémon print and I got Hubby a Poison Ivy print :)

He also made a Teru Teru Bozu, which is a Japanese doll made to represent monks-hence the bald head-that is supposed to bring good weather. Ruben painted a rainbow on its head to encourage the good weather!

Piper bought some cute accessories:

There were lots of craft activities to do including these peg keyrings, Ruben painted a Link inspired one, he was pretty worn out by now so looks shattered in this photo!

Hubby gave him a helping hand towards the end:
 Some more cool cos-players, including Bucky-The Winter Solider


And even Darth Vader!

Had a fab day and kids already counting down to the next event. Meanwhile, Cordelia had a fantastic day at Crufts with my mother in law, she is going to do a guest post on her trip.

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