Friday, 27 March 2015

Link-ing Friday, Into Film

More cosplaying in the house today in the form of finishing off Cordelia's Link shield and making it more battle finished!

I trimmed Piper's fringe-haven't done that since I was a teenager so I'm pretty impressed with my effort.

We had several family games of Monopoly Deal, seems like our game of the week this week!

Ruben has been writing lists of Pokemon, making a card for his friend and writing her a note-very sweet. He's also been playing on his DS today, a full day of no laptop by choice! Pokemon is back...

This is the finished shield:

I'm very impressed! Hubby's Cosplay outfit arrived in the post today too. So we're nearly all ready. We also had a real cool package from another cosplayer hubby is friends with. He won a small competition at the beginning of the week and so she very kindly sent us several bits and pieces for the girls and Ruben too. The challenge cards I ordered from the Dyson Foundation also arrived today, they look like fun with lots of good ideas!

Yesterday I finally got a reply from Into Film about the film making workshop Cordelia and Ruben made back in October. They had such a fun weekend and it was great to finally see their 60 second film. It was so funny, I wish I could share it but as it has two other children in from their group I can't. I did get this still of Cordelia as Megatron though:

I think we watched it about 10 times last night!

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  1. You reminded me I registered for a Dyson engineering pack months ago and never heard anything.