Friday, 20 March 2015

Shredder Cosplay Costume, an eclipse and the Peak District

This morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine only to find it cloudy in time for the eclipse. We sat and watched the BBC Stargazing live and then just for a few minutes the clouds broke and we saw it! It was really exciting, we didn't have any special glasses so didn't look for too long but Cordelia managed to get a good shot with her camera.

Was a lovely morning of talking through the eclipse, we enjoyed the myths and legends on Stargazing Live, some of which we had read in the Norse Mythology book we have been reading recently.

Hubby managed to finish Ruben's Shredder costume. He has done such a brilliant job, he's been sat every evening painting, gluing and even sewing to get it finished for a Cosplay event we are going to soon. Piper helped with the sewing of the cape so its been a team effort. I think it looks brilliant.

Hubby and I did some more gardening whilst Cordelia and Ruben played on the Wii together. Piper did some sewing but wasn't feeling well so its been a bit of a sofa-ish type of day. This afternoon I felt a bit unwell too so the girls and I had a sofa afternoon with a Grey's marathon whilst Hubby went with Ruben to meet up with friends in the Peak District. A boys only walk! He kindly took some photos for me:

We had a bit of drama with Bailey and some boys at college this evening, which we managed to sort out. I thought when he started college we would be a bit redundant but that is definitely not the case. He still requires support navigating this whole new part of his life.
Hubby managed to sort out a new mod on Minecraft for Ruben and he is happily chatting away to his best friend on Skype this evening. A much better day with him than yesterday.

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