Monday, 9 March 2015


Hey, its Cordelia.
I went to crufts on Saturday, and Mum asked me to do a blog post about it :)
(Sorry if this is REALLY bad, i don't really blog anymore :D )

So, me and my Nanan went, as Piper, Ruben, Mum and Dad where all going to a Comic con.
It was amazing :)
I love how they have all the dog breeds that are being shown "On display" so you can see them,
and stroke them. I even got to hold this sweet little terrier, who was adorable and fell asleep when i
was holding him :D I think my favorite dog breed i saw was probably the Husky's, Greyhounds or The American Eskimo dog. I LOVE Husky's and Greyhounds, but i had never heard of the American Eskimo dog before, and they where really sweet, and looked like Artic Foxes.
We also got to watch a class for the Cesky Terrier, as Saturday was Terrier and Hounds day.
They looked a bit strange, but where cute, and we got to sit next to this woman who was a breeder
of them, and had this 10 month old Bitch with her, who was really cute and kept on jumping up :)
I got some pretty good pictures of the Cesky Terriers, and i liked them because of there "Emo" fringes xD
The one at the bottom won Best Dog in her class :)

So yeah! I had a really good time, and seeing as i haven't been to Crufts in 4-5 years, it made it even better ^^
Bye! x