Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Charity shops, fabric shops & Sheffield's Antique Quarter

We started off the day with another few games of Monopoly Deal, our third day in a row of playing it and I still haven't won Ruben yet. He is a master of card games!

Having not been out much so far this week we decided to run some errands in Chesterfield-mainly hama bead purchasing (Ruben), quilting tools (me), some cosplay supplies (Hubby & Cordelia) and a quick trip to return books to the library. Then we headed into Sheffield to have a walk around the Antiques Quarter and charity shops. Ruben was super impressed with this top hat, he's wanted one for a while but it was a bit pricey at £23.....

Hubby thinks this leg mouse might have been on display in an old toy shop in Sheffield called Redgates, Since I am slightly younger than Hubby I don't remember it but Hubby's mum worked there so he has very fond memories! He once got stuck in the lift visiting his mum at work and the manager let him pick a free toy!

It was over £300 to buy this

Lots of corners to investigate

Cordelia liked these Vintage horse riding jodphurs/breeches..

We didn't actually come away with anything from our trip but it was fun to have a mooch around and get out for a bit. Back home for tea, Ruben chatted with his friend S for a while and seemed to have a lot of fun. The girls and I watched more Grey's, we are nearly half way through series 10 now. Its been great watching it all on the sky box sets, we only have until Monday to finish all of series 10 which is a bit intense so I'm ready to have my evenings back especially now its getting lighter and warmer. I do think it has been a good series to watch its thrown up so many questions about human biology, relationships, friendships and we love the characters, especially Christina. I was so happy to see a quote over on facebook's page about Christina Yang.

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  1. I love the A Mighty Girl page on facebook - everyday they share something great.

    We had a Simpsons groove last year - it led to so many conversations about art and famous people and all over the place really - we were often googling whilst watching and did Simpsons Jigsaws and colouring at the same time but we sort of ran out of episodes - we didn't watch it in order like you would with Grey's but we realised we had seen pretty much all of the episodes up to season 24.

    TDO and I have watched House of Cards on Netflix but nothing has, so far, come along to fill that box set feeling with the trio.