Tuesday, 31 March 2015

BBC Painting Challenge Semi Final/All weathers Tuesday

This morning we watched last weeks BBC Painting Challenge Semi Final, we are a bit behind probably due to Grey's! I was excited to see this week the artists were in Liverpool as its one of my favourite places. I lived in Merseyside for a couple of years as a child and have fond memories, we've took the children a few times and they love it too. I think after seeing the Giants there last year too it's one of our favourite places.

It was great to see T.S Lowry mentioned too, we visted the Lowry last year and also did the Lowry trail whilst away in Berwick last Christmas. It's great when everything links up, I love life connections and joining the dots.

Looking into Arts Awards possibilities for Cordelia. Think she can get through bronze quite quickly.

The weather has been atrocious today, high winds all night so I hardly slept, wind is my least favourite of all the weather kinds. It's been torrential rain, hail, snowflakes, sunshine and rainbows!

We had my niece over today so I did a little Easter Egg hunt, it didn't really work. It was too easy for the girls and Ruben (who found it within seconds) and Baby Bella found one egg opened it and was more than happy with her 3 chocolates! Still there was chocolate and everyone's happy about chocolate! The rabbit lollipops came out brilliant as did the cake pop pound shop mould I used as a back up, really big solid chocolates so will be using those again. The medium eff mould and large rabbit mould not so much....

We also had a trip to the supermarket, totally forgot how much harder it is with a toddler in the trolley! But all good experience, also got to sit for 45 minutes on the bed in peace whilst she had a nap. Was actually really refreshing.

Evening spent with girls and Ruben on laptops whilst I knitted. Watched 3 episodes of Channel 4's Raised By Wolves with the girls, they loved it and I'm totally in love with Della their mum. I loved this quote:
Germaine "Mum, why don't you just put us sun cream on?"
Della " Have you seen the price of sun cream? I might as well paint you in liquid gold. Do you know the square footage of six kids Germaine". Genius.

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