Monday, 2 March 2015

Changing Rooms

We've had all sorts of weather today, grey, dark skies full of snow, beautiful blue skies and hail stones. Freezing temperatures of minus 4 and a beautiful clear shiny moon. Another busy day here but at least a home day! Bedroom move round began early, Cordelia had a lot of posters to take down. Its scary how many toys Ruben has-highlighted to me when they were piled on my bed during the move, I suppose when your parents have an Ebay shop selling toys and collectables you're going to end up with quite a lot of stuff....the boy is crazy about cuddly toys, just like Cordelia a few years ago. It didn't end up taking too long, just a couple of hours and meant we got to have a bit of a clothes/toy sort out too. Some big bags to take up to the charity shop. It really feels like a Spring clean.

Ruben already much happier in his old room and Cordelia already planning on how to fill the floor space she's now gained-bigger desk and maybe an artist's easel. Some decorating to be done in both rooms soon too. Ruben managed to fit in some more reading, and has now finished book 8 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series-8 books by himself!!! Only 1 more to finish the series and then he is starting on some Pokémon books. He's also built a Lego vehicle for the Ninjago figures today as well as some painting to send to a friend. 

Piper meanwhile has begun making her first YouTube videos. She is busy planning some events for the year and looking into lots of Japanese culture at the moment. We spent over an hour today watching Japanese adverts and pop videos! It's quite fascinating and I'm quite looking forward to seeing some of the acts in real life this weekend. She finished off her fimo by baking them in the oven this morning.

Cordelia has been feeling very achy this today, understandable when she did a full 8-5.30 working day yesterday. Its one of those I'm-so-glad-we-home-educate-days so that she has been able to just rest, well apart from taking her BVB posters down off her wall anyways, I had to promise not to get annoyed whilst I moved her things around as she is SO messy. They say boys are messy but seriously both boys are a dream compared to Cordelia, the amount of uneaten snacks and random items like spoons (!) and old socks I found behind, underneath or in boxes is quite unbelievable! She's had fun at pony club this evening. Two days of ponies on the trot :)

Hubby and Ruben have been back finishing off Ruben's first newspaper edition, Bailey wrote a column on Saturday so that is going into the first issue, just awaiting Cordelia's column now. She has been busy finishing this rather magnificent digital art picture, I know I'm biased but I think it is brilliant!

We are busy everyday this week so nice to have a bit of a home day today.

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