Saturday, 21 March 2015

Alfred Denny Museum Sheffield University

This morning we had a tour around Sheffield University's Alfred Denny Museum-named from the University's first Zoological professor in 1904. Its not normally open to the public but we booked onto it through science weeksy as part of Sheffield's Science and Engineering Festival. I'm glad we did because it was a really interesting, albeit small, museum.

After a small talk we were free to wander around the cabinets. Ruben even did a worksheet! He had to look at picture clues of a section of animal and then find them in the cabinets and write down their names-he got 12/12.

Python skeleton

Skull of Terrabird, it used to eat horses!

Sea turtle Embryo:

Grey headed flying fox:

Cordelia had a go at sketching this octopus:

The rest of the afternoon was spent on Minecraft (Ruben), watching The Dark Knight (Cordelia), sewing and gluing slides on to hairbows (Piper) and hubby and I watched The Winter Solider with Bailey. Mexican for tea and probably another movie. We seem to be in a movie kind of mode this week, hubby and I watched "Drive" last night, the Radio 1 remix. It was a really simple film but I really enjoyed it. We have a busy day tomorrow so it's been nice to have a chilled afternoon.

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  1. Those cabinets remind me of the Grant Museum of Zoology