Friday, 27 February 2015

Review of Earth Conscious Washable Sanitary Towels

Periods are something I've blogged about before, you can read one of my most popular blog posts here about my daughters and periods. Its such a taboo subject, which is just ridiculous considering how many of us have periods on a daily basis. I've read quite a lot of articles on sanitary products and the downsides of using them, its an issue that concerns me not only as a woman but also as a mother. I don't want periods to get in the way of my daughters going about their normal day to day lives but I'm also concerned with the chemicals used, the environmental impact and choice of sanitary products for teens too. 

I think the actual choice in sanitary products is pretty poor and also very expensive, especially given there are now 3 of us having periods. So when a friend and business owner Angela from offered to send the girls a free sample of their bamboo washable sanitary towels I happily accepted.

My eldest daughter Piper wasn't 100% convinced but my younger daughter Cordelia, who suffers much worse periods, was very happy to try. They arrived very nicely wrapped in tissue paper, always lovely to receive something so pretty in the post! They each had a lovely soft and colourful towel each to use and a very sweet and handy zipped bag to carry them around. Here are the photo's:

The girls first impressions of them were very good-Cordelia did ask if you could buy them in black which made me laugh, goths would prefer to use black washable towels apparently! But they each picked one and a bag.

The girls thought the towels were very soft and comfortable, easy to use, they just need to be rinsed with cold water after use and then they put them in the washable bags and I put them straight in the washing machine. Both girls found that easy enough. Both girls said they moved about a little when they were used, which didn't affect their experience, that might just need getting used to in comparsion to disposable stick down pads. There were no leaks, something which Cordelia normally experiences frequently. I thought they were really easy to wash and put them in the tumble dryer, they came out lovely and soft and washed fine on a 40 degree wash. The girls continued to use them throughout their periods when they had been washed, I think they would need around 9-12 each if only using washable towels.

Piper: "Wasn't sure at first but was really surprised to find how comfortable they were".

Cordelia: "The pads were really good, very comfortable and I would use them again".

The washable towels the girls used come in different colours, patterns and sizes and are currently on sale at £10 for a set of 3, you can view them here. Given that I spend around £15 a month just on the girls sanitary products, this averages £150 a year, so the towels would cost around a half of our normal yearly spend (working on the girls having 4 sets of 3 towels, so 12 in total) in the first year and then nothing every year after that! That is quite a saving. Not only that but the environmental benefits would be much better, like when I used washable nappies for the girls as babies! Not to mention the health benefits for the girls not being subjected to so many chemicals.

i'm going to order myself some and give them a try too, they get a big thumbs up from both girls!

Disclaimer: The products were sent to us free of charge, opinions are all our own.


  1. Hey, glad the girls liked them and you're all pleased with your experience. More importantly of course, they will be available in black very soon! We previously had black and white spotty ones but all sold out. I'll let you know when the blacks are in stock :)

  2. We've used these type of sanitary towels from Malinki's for years and they're brilliant. So funky and cool in colours and super soft, with no soreness involved. When we need to renew we shall be looking into buying them from Earth Conscious. :)