Monday, 23 February 2015

Reading, Art & Hama beads

This weekend we said a bit of a sad goodbye to our old sofa. We've had it since before Ruben was 1 so it feels like a lifetime but it was really ready to go. Four children, two parents, a Jack Russell, three cats and 5 houses have left there mark on it. Hubby was sadder than I thought he'd be when he said "40 kids birthdays on this sofa, 11 christmas days..." But onwards and upwards!

We've had a pretty rubbish week of illness but thankfully by Saturday we were feeling a little better. We popped out for a bit to the shops but that was about all I could manage!

Sunday we had my nieces christening, I was godmother so I'm glad I was feeling better, it was really lovely to see the kids playing with their cousins too. I think we all enjoyed a bit of socialising to be honest!

This morning hubby dropped Bailey back at college, Ruben skyped with his friend S and the girls and I watched last nights "The Big Painting Challenge" whilst Cordelia doodled:

My third Amazon delivery arrived-all three deliveries this week have contained Diary of a Wimpy Kid books! Ruben is on book 5 already after only starting them last week!!! The girls are reading the later ones too. (well Piper finished the last two books this afternoon!) I ordered this book for the girls after watching the author Helena on BBC breakfast last week, she was so lovely, so confident for a 15yr old!

This afternoon we popped into Chesterfield for a library trip and to Hobbycraft. Ruben has been inspired by his friend S and her mums epic Dr Who Hama bead creations you can see them here:

After getting our own Hama bead collection out of the cupboard we found it very depleted so a trip to Hobbycraft to refresh stock! Cordelia got some new drawing pens and we had a look at Fimo for Piper-it was cheaper on eBay so we've ordered some for her to have a go with.

We dropped Cordelia off at Pony Club and headed home for tea. I've been thinking a lot about the books the girls have been reading-or not reading!- and so have decided to read some of them myself. Ten pages into one of the new library books Cordelia got out and I gave up-was terrible! So I tried another one, halfway through already and it's very well written. 

Ruben made a start on some Hama beads which I managed to iron whilst making tea. 

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