Sunday, 8 February 2015

London Museum

We had one of our Sunday day trips into London, its an easy drive down taking about 3 hours and again we managed to park on the street for free! Free parking in London on a Sunday really does exist! We parked not far from the Barbican centre and began walking towards St Pauls Cathedral, we passed London Museum and as the boys needed to use the toilet we headed in here not knowing whether it was a free museum or not. It is! And a really great museum even though it doesn't look much from the outside.

The first galleries we entered we full of artefacts that had been found under London, quite fascinating, lots of animal remains, weapons and pottery. We headed into the Roman part-learning that the Romans built the first bridge in London and also named it Londinium-two things I didn't know-the Roman walls through the glass windows were cool. It reminded me of going to the Roman Baths in 2012.

I think my favourite part of the museum was the 1920's section, especially the lift from Selfridges's-so intricate and beautiful.

I love that era, the fashion, the cars, the shops! Piper had her new Lolita dress on and fitted in perfectly with the surroundings, always thought she was born in the wrong era, she so should have been Victorian but maybe in Japan! I think had we not had such a fantastic time in York Castle Museum on Victorian Street they would have really appreciated this bit of the museum. 

Piper loved the fashions in the Victorian part but was a bit disappointed to be upstaged by this dress!

The Great Fire of London section was really interesting but Ruben found it a bit overwhelming, he really was not in the mood for learning about the plaque at all. He had a disturbed nights sleep and was feeling a bit emotional so reading about half of Europe being killed didn't really help much. I think some of it is age as I remember going through a similar phase with Bailey, I really hope its a phase that he will come out of.

I loved this sign:

Apparently all of these things cause too much sexual desire and should be restricted!

Cordelia loved the horses and the Lord Mayor's carriage which was from 1757 and cost £880-not sure what that is in todays money but I'm thinking a lot...

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