Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Imperial War Museum London

After the London Museum, we headed towards St Paul's Cathedral, it was very busy. I've never walked around the outside of it before, I remember bringing the children on one of our London day trips around 5 or 6 years ago but we just looked at one side. It was on our way back from the Tate, where I was a bit flustered because they'd lent on a piece of art and had been shouted at. It was a bit of a traumatic experience that has made me very wary of art galleries ever since. 

As we walked down towards the Thames I turned around to notice we were in the exact same spot as a recent Dr Who episode! I told Ruben and he decided to pose for the camera:

It was so sunny, it was hard to believe it was February, we still have snow back at home! Here's my two opposite girls with the sparkly shard in the background:

It was about a 20 minute walk to the Imperial War Museum, but not too bad in the sunshine. Ruben checking his height against a shell:

It was a very old looking building but really modern inside, the entrance hall was very impressive:

For some reason this reminded me of Thunderbird 1:

A piece of the Berlin Wall:

This made for some interesting conversations about Germany.

We walked around the World War 1 Gallery, which was really interesting but hard to see everything as it was so busy. The art exhibits were interesting but not the best place for a really over sensitive child so I took him out. Hubby took him around the vehicles whilst I took the girls and Bailey around the Holocaust exhibit. Glad Ruben wouldn't have been allowed in this part as it was very harrowing. Found it hard not to cry in this part, so many photos that are really shocking but so many inspiring stories from survivors.  

We headed outside to have lunch on a bench-yes in February!- and then we headed down towards the London Eye and walked along the river:

Spotted some street art which I thought was cool

Walking through Southbank with lots of bubbles from the street vendors and music was really atmospheric. Before heading back over the bridge towards the car.

Another great London day.

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  1. Eti and I had a great day at IWM back last July and before it closed we went for the Horrible Histories exhibition - We loved the bravery gallery on the top floor best of all.

    Lovely photos :)