Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hassop Station-Monsal Trail

An early morning start for me at least, I had a terrible nights sleep of only 90 minutes and came downstairs at 5am. I'm never, ever up before anyone let alone everyone. Ruben was especially shocked to see me. Hubby and I popped to the supermarket and then it was an early lunch before heading out to meet friends at Hassop Station in the Peak District. Hubby and I came here for our cycle ride date last April!

It was a bit overcast but dry thankfully so we set off to see the tunnels. This trail used to be the old railway but it's for cyclists/walkers now. It's a good path because it's flat with beautiful views but it can be a nightmare dodging the cyclists.

I brought the kids and their little friends R & E some paper and crayons to do some drawing:

Ruben drawing sheep:

Beautiful views

Hard to tell in this photo but this mossy wall was dripping with water, looked very pretty:

The first big tunnel we came too! It's very long and our little friend R said it was 407 steps from one side to the other! You can't see the end from this side of the tunnel and even though it's lit up its still pretty dark in there!

Lovely views standing on the Viaduct from the other side of the tunnel. Time for hot chocolates and cookies for the troops:

It was really cold on the way back but the children happily walked and chatted, collecting sticks and branches resembling trees! I love how easily Ruben plays with younger children, R is 6 and E 3 and they played lovely. Cordelia held their hands and chatted to them. Our friends kindly made us a warm cuppa in their camper van back at the car park whilst R & E showed Ruben around their super cool camper van. They had great fun sitting up in the roof!

Back home for tea, minecraft, youtube and a bit of Skype. We sat and watched Ruben's favourite TV show "Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway" with popcorn before he headed to bed. Now watching I Robot with Bailey and Piper-I can't believe I'm still awake!

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